WRG Discus-Edinburgh is Changing…

WRG Discus is changing focus. When Bob came to Edinburgh 20 years ago he already had been keeping tropical fish for 25 years. After a visit to the International Discus Show in Duisburg, Bob thought the quality of the discus there was so good that he decided to bring these beautiful discus to Scotland. So for 20 years he has imported discus from Stendker in Germany. Bob still thinks Stendker Discus is the best. Over the years the quality of discus from the Far East has improved and now discus enthusiasts in Scotland have a wider choice.

At the beginning of 2017 Bob decided to stop getting Stendker Discus, this was a huge decision, but health issues and the extra cost because of Brexit were major factors. Just about this time Bob linked up with Steve of Durham Discus for 6 months and got Martin Ng discus from Malaysia. Again, good looking discus in a lovely range of colours. It has been hard to let go!!

For us at WRG Discus the time is right to think about how we see our future. We recognise times are changing, costs have risen and our energy has gone down, so we have decided to pull back from having so many discus. With the discus Bob presently has, he will keep some to concentrate on breeding, the rest will move to new owners and homes. He is already interested in keeping catfish, hopefully requiring less work!

Bob is keen to keep contact with discus friends and fish enthusiasts and is inviting anyone who wants to talk or see discus to still make contact.

This is a new introduction to the website, we are keeping the rest of the website unedited so visitors to the site can still see his past and ongoing involvement as a hobbyist fish keeper.

Published by: Diane Grainger July 2017