Welcome to WRG Discus-Edinburgh

Bob Grainger is delighted to announce that WRG Discus Edinburgh is up and running again.

Together with my wife Diane, we are still enthusiastic about keeping tropical discus fish and are excited to have this new web site.

I have been keeping tropical fish for 50 years, and for the past 15 years have specialised in discus.  As a dedicated hobbyist, I quite simply enjoy the challenge of trying to keep discus and work towards providing the best conditions so they are healthy and breed.

Because I enjoy my hobby so much, I spend a lot of time in my discus house and I am happy to have visitors.

This site is an introduction to WRG Discus-Edinburgh and to let you know a little about how we keep discus and to offer you the chance to talk to us about discus keeping and to see our discus.

When I first saw Stendker Discus at the bi-annual International Discus Show in Duisburg, Germany, 15 years ago, I was so impressed with the quality, shape and colours, that I decided to bring Stendker discus to Scotland and have continued to do so ever since. Diskuszucht Stendker has a reputation across Europe for supplying premium discus.

Please explore the site.